1 Important Thing People Do Not Understand About Content Creation

By | 03.07.2018

1 Important Thing People Do Not Understand About Content CreationIt seems you are asking the wrong question.

Content creation is nothing to do with coming up with a great idea.

This is exactly what some people think they need, to win the game of content creation.

You may be a photographer.You may be a designer.

Or you could be a columnist.You might be a writer.

You might have a content marketing agency, writing content for your valued clients.

Well, you are actually all doing it the wrong way.

What will go viral? What can draw the attention of people?”The questions are not, “What would you create?

The right question to ask yourself is, “What method can you come up with to create something new every day?”

Content creation is all about volume and you should keep it simple and easy.

Now, there arises an important question, “How have I as a content creator and writer, won over 50 million views of my writing online?

About the volume

How have your write-ups been published in more than 50+ online publications?

How have I set up my own business?

This is one big mistake that content developers usually make when doing content marketing in London.

If you are not trying something new and valuable, then you are actually losing every single day.

The reality is that no one actually cares about what you created yesterday.

People are concerned about what hits them at present.

They care a lot about what they are willing to share, as of right now.

The Internet has developed this kind of urgency within people, unless you cater to that sense of urgency, you will fall behind and you will become invisible. No one will know who you actually are anymore.

This is the reason why I find it foolish to spend time reading through content. If this is the way you work, then you can go for it.

However, if you are playing the game of content creation and you are not operating with some urgency, then you are actually doing the wrong thing.

Do you want to build your Instagram? Then, you need to post something absolutely stunning every day.

Want to create your own blog? Try to write something new almost every day.

Do you think it sounds like hard work?

Yes, it does…

This is why some people have now become influencers.

This is said to be a marathon, not a sprint race.

Experts at DubSEO, a reputed agency in London have said if you write 2 to3 pieces of content almost every day, then you should post them, to get more viewers online.

This is a great way to compete with others.

It is not only about getting creative but also being creative every single day.

Thus, the volume wins.

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