Google My Business Provides Insights about Customer Opinions

By | 26.07.2018

Google My Business Provides Insights about Customer Opinions
Google My Business have announced that insights to businesses will now be available to businesses, which help them determine what they are most well known for amongst their clients.

The latest addition to the Google My Business insights section is for cafes & restaurants.

When you submit a new Google review, your clients will be able to contribute with a range of different subjective attributes. If for instance an attribute is submitted on frequent basis, it will be shown on the listing for other potential clients to see.

Businesses will now be able to see their detailed insights and which attributes have been submitted by their customers. Ultimately, these insights will help business owners learn more about their customers & their thoughts on the business.

The attributes are very valuable to a listing because they are based on customer’s opinion.

Objective attributes can also include things like “has Wi-Fi,”.

Subjective attributes can include things like “popular for lunch,” and many others.

Google also states that subjective attributes will remain on a business listing unless they are proven to be false.

No verification is required for subjective attributes other than if they get submitted by a client.

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