LinkedIn Adds Voice Messaging to Simplify Business Communications

By | 05.08.2018

LinkedIn Adds Voice Messaging to Simplify Business Communications
LinkedIn have just released a new way of communication on their platform. Voice messaging. This great feature is already available on the Android and iOS marketplace.

So will LinkedIn bring voice messaging back from the brink of death? Only time will show.

Using LinkedIn Voice Messaging:

According to research, people speak around 4 times faster than they can type which made even more sense for LinkedIn to implement the voice messaging feature.

Being able to send a voice message is much faster and time saving compared to the conventional texting.

As to why you should use voice messaging, LinkedIn says it makes it easy to message on the go, it allows recipients to get to the message when they can, and you can better express yourself by speaking in your own voice rather than thinking of what to text.

Recording a Message:

Leaving a message is no longer a hassle. Simply tap the microphone icon on your mobile device which you will find in the mobile messaging keyboard. Then tap & hold onto the microphone icon to record your voice message. Once you are done, simply let go and the voice message will automatically send.

If you want to cancel a message, it is just as easy. Simply slide your finger away from the microphone icon while holding.

New Features on LinkedIn:

Since Microsoft bought out Linkedin, the company has tremendously grown to over 550 million registered users across 200 countries worldwide which made sense for Microsoft to invest in new features to improve their user’s experience.

This was implemented so that if you wanted to quickly add someone from a meeting or an event you attended, you could just with the click of a button. LinkedIn recently added translations to their feed in order to make the communication and content sharing a much easier experience for users from around the world. This way LinkedIn have completely eliminated the use of business cards, e-mails or any other contact information which we used to request.They have also added QR codes which let you find the profile of a particular user.

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