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Google SEO Trends 2019

Search engines have and are becoming smarter and smarter year after year. Google is now a split search engine between written search queries and voice-activated commands.

5 SEO Tips to Rank Number 1 on Google in 2019

2019 is just around the corner and it is time for you and your business to tight the seatbelts and crack on with the preparation of your website SEO for 2019. In this blog, our experts from DubSEO, an SEO agency UK will reveal to you the 5 best SEO tipsfor 2019. We need to… Read More »

Is Facebook Advertising Dead?

When Facebook officially decided to start allowing marketers to use the platform to promote their products and services, a lot of businesses were sceptical of the efficiency and the ROI potential that the Facebook platform can bring to their business. It was a completely new approach to marketing, compared to what businesses were normally used… Read More »

How Social Media Will Change In The Future?

Social media has been around for over a decade now and since its initial beginning from social networks like Friendster, Myspace to today’s Snapchat and Instagram world, a lot has changed. The social networks of today have heavily invested their resources into bringing a quality user experience and are constantly working on developing new ways… Read More »